Desenho 3D apresentado:
The3D presented project:
Description FurnitureDesign, Interior Design

Likealmost all 9-year-old girls, Beatriz would love to have an enchantedbedroom! Her mother asked to design a new study and storage space,with Bombaamor furniture, taking the best advantage from all themodules. I asked for the most neutral pieces of furniture, so thatBeatriz could update her room as she grows up, only changingaccessories such as paintings, pillows, quilts...
So,what I did was painting the room's furniture (bed, bed table, mirrorand curtain rail) in white and add coloured props and pillows. Ilooked for a ceiling lamp and new cloth for curtains with detailsthat went well with repainted white papier maché. I painted a boardwith magnetic paint, so Beatriz could put her photos, and looked foran inspiring sentence... for Beatriz's future!
E querem ver como era antes?! 
Wantto see like it was before?
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