Hello I'm Magda.

I studied furniture and interior design.

During my professional activity, photographs, graphic moods, websites, were always a need in order to express and to promote my work. I just simply love to do them and it happens that my clients love them too... and they kept asking me to develop brands and identities, brochures, flyers, to art direct photo shootings, websites...  I worked together with some good professionals and started to select a team of photographers, web designers, set designers, so I could develop more complex design projects.

Nowadays, I manage, art direct projects in several design areas, together with multi-disciplinary teams.

I think as myself as a designer and creative director.
I like to help people to feel better at their homes, stores or offices.
I like to help people to design brands, products and services.

I like to think aesthetics as part of our functional life.

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